Welcome to The Love Loss Forgiveness ProjectAs you navigate this site, you will learn about simple, down-to-earth practices that can help you let go of some of the most difficult burdens we carry as human beings—that we must face the death of others and eventually die ourselves, that we make mistakes, that we fear intimacy and living fully, and more. These practices can help you come to terms with and shed burdens you may not even realize you are carrying, allowing you to live a fuller, less fearful, and more loving life.

The Love, Loss and Forgiveness Project is here to inspire and prepare you with tools to help lead you forward. The road ahead is simple- yet not easy. If you are motivated, you will first learn as part of this online community,¬ and then, in face-to-face communities of your own making, methods for your journey– a roadmap with clear directions to support the changes you need to make to your thoughts and actions to create positive transformations for you, your home and work life, and beyond.

Love, Loss, and Forgiveness Project…a healing process

The Love, Loss, and Forgiveness Project’s main focus is to initiate individuals to create a healing process for themselves and to help them build a local community of peers dedicated to learning to live more loving lives. In addition, the Project provides self-esteem training programs for business and institutional partners that help them realize genuine, integrated teams of inspired administration, management and staff.

“Living the loving life” may, on the surface, sound “too soft” or simple. Yet it is what all humans strive for, and few achieve. The difficulties encountered on this path are not insurmountable, they can start here with your curiosity and willingness to explore becoming the person you know you can be, develop the meaningful relationships you want to have, and live that successful, loving life that can be yours.

How this educational healing process can help you…

There are many reasons why you might have found your way to this site. Being human is not an easy or a kind experience for many of us. The Love, Loss and Forgiveness Project process and practices are designed to help you learn new ways to deal with the many pressures and difficulties life can throw your way, and to help you move towards greater peace and understanding.

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