The work brings together the notion of the “trinity of being,” found in each individual (the Mortal, Soul, and Spirit), reconnecting us all with both mystical and down-to-earth basic requirements for living authentic and fulfilled lives.

The practices help you to develop or regain healthy connections with your own true nature.

Using the power of learning films, the Internet and emerging communication technologies, Michael’s timely work on love, loss, and forgiveness will be available to millions of people, like you, internationally.

Help shift our present paradigms, infused with fear and violence, towards more sustainable ones based on peaceful human dynamics. Be a part of helping to heal our world, one Mortal–Soul–Spirit at a time!

The Mortal dimension is the physical aspect of our nature that is born and dies.

The Soul that is our feminine, witnessing, and loving nature. We look for others to love us, but when we are connected to our Soul we will find that the love we need most comes from within. The Soul is our wellspring of self-esteem.

The Spirit is our masculine guiding, protecting, and caring nature that creates a safe place for Mortal and Soul. We often search for an external father figure or leader or Guru to guide us and instruct us how to live our lives, but when we are in touch with our Spirit, we discover that the greatest source of safety and courage and guidance comes from within.