Outside funding is essential to create the organization, the network, and the educational materials to support those seeking personal change, and to support marketing, implementation, evaluation, and fine-tuning of the curriculum.

The LLF Project – its organization, media, and educational materials are agents of personal change, as they connect individuals in key groups such as parents, students, veterans, teachers, health care workers, clergy and many more, internationally. The media and marketing strategy of the LLF Project utilizes the Internet (Website, Weblog, on-line forums and YouTube), to disseminate its goals, objectives, programs, and multi-media educational materials to new participants from the over 500 million on-line users in Europe and North America. (Michael Murphy has already begun a series of “Musings,” written and posted on the Internet, along with compelling images, to inspire and encourage those interested in leading more loving lives to take part in the program.) In the third year, the LLF Project plans to complete a documentary for television on the work of Michael Murphy, greatly enhancing the Project’s visibility in mainstream markets. The 9-person community-based groups are the key setting where education for living takes place, and are the main stays for sustaining the organization and its mission as these groups self-replicate, leading to a geometric expansion of individuals who are taking personal responsibility for continuing the process of creating more loving lives and communities.

The technological marketing initiatives outlined above, and the face-to-face human interaction of the community-based groups and the supporting regional and international conferences, work in a synergistic way to create a self-sustaining and self-actualizing educational program and organization for the good of humanity. Your support is greatly appreciated.