LLF Personnel
The Love, Loss, and Forgiveness Project is a collaboration of many spirited individuals from the United States and Europe with many talents including documentary filmmakers, photographers, writers, storytellers, health care and mental health professionals, technologists who have a strong overlay of experience in education, and work with not-for-profit, progressive organizations.

John Carlson, General Films LLC: John studied photography and film at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He has been an independent producer, director, cameraman, and editor working on educational and promotional films and videotaped productions for organizations such as the Wildlife Conservation Society and The Floating Hospital since the late 1970’s. A native of New York City, John has worked on films from Africa to Alaska concentrating on subjects that illuminate human interaction with the natural world. His work has appeared on venues including most of the major US broadcast networks, The Discovery Channel and National Geographic, as well as, National Public Radio.

Sandra Murphy, Writer: For the past fifteen years, Sandra has written about the natural world. She writes to connect people with place, to cultivate what Aldo Leopold describes as “an intense consciousness of land.” She writes to illuminate the mystery, complexity, and beauty of the natural world and our relationship with it. To evoke image, emotion, and shared understanding that help readers pause, breathe deep, and tune in. Many of her writing projects have involved creating an interpretive guide to a trail or scenic area. These guides begin with the notion that the world around us is layered with stories—told in the diversity of plants and animals, the cultural artifacts and geologic landforms—that visitors can easily overlook or misunderstand. Her writing translates these natural stories so that people can connect with and care about that place. In the Love, Loss, and Forgiveness Project, she will be writing field guides that interpret the many-layered stories of a different kind of landscape and journey, one that is both intensely personal and universal.