The Living the Loving Life initiative was launched in August of 2010 as an ongoing process of bringing together people from Europe and the US who been involved in the many years of training offered by Dr. Murphy, with people like yourself, who have found there way to this website and are looking for ways of to let go of the fears that get in the way of your living an authentic, rich and unruffled life. Below is a brief history about our journey.

On Death and Dying

In 1979, inspired by his good friend, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross (who wrote the landmark book, On Death and Dying), Dr. Murphy created one of the first hospices in the United States, at St. Peter’s Hospital in Albany, New York.

During the 17 years he served as medical director of St. Peter’s Hospice, Dr. Murphy witnessed the deaths of hundreds of people. He helped guide them, and their frightened and grief-stricken families, towards peaceful resolution of “unfinished business” that burdened them.

His work with dying patients and their families gave Dr. Murphy insight into how we manage and relate to death, dying, and grief in our culture. He witnessed much family dysfunction around a family member’s death, as well as beautiful and transformative moments of love and acceptance. He facilitated hundreds of family meetings and helped dying patients and their families witness one another and say what needed saying to open the way for unconditional love. He helped those left behind to cultivate new ways to enrich and enliven their own lives.

Through this work, Dr. Murphy learned that people who lived well, died well. He also learned that those who fully acknowledged death and dying were well equipped to live fully satisfying lives.

On Love, Loss, and Forgiveness

Why wait until we are dying to shed the burdens that inhibit us from living and loving fully? That question prompted Dr. Murphy to develop and lead workshops in transformational practices for living well. Since 1990, he has conducted workshops in Love, Loss, and Forgiveness for participants in the United States, The Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, and Romania. These experiential workshops have helped hundreds of people connect with their most human trials and tribulations, helped them access what they value most in their lives, and provided them with simple actions to help lay down the weighty, suffocating stories they carried about themselves and others.

Years of workshops have created a growing international community of people who have found this work of great benefit to themselves and their families. In 2008, the Love, Loss, and Forgiveness Project (LLFP) was born of these workshops. The LLFP is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to disseminating Dr. Murphy’s work beyond the workshop format, to make these practices available to more people, worldwide.

Dr. Murphy’s practices of Love, Loss, and Forgiveness offer a pathway for people who want to free themselves from the strong hold of trauma, fear, grief, shame, and guilt. They help us face the possibility that it is not dying that we fear most, but rather, living.

On Living the Loving Life

As we develop self-respect and self-esteem, we free ourselves from many of the difficulties that plague our personal, professional and civic relationships, and let go of the fear that holds us back from being the authentic, capable, and loving people we are meant to be.

Dr. N. Michael Murphy and the Love, Loss, and Forgiveness Project are launching a web-based initiative—which embraces the full measure of Dr. Murphy’s work over the years, from Death and Dying to Love, Loss, and Forgiveness—linking global participants to one another and expanding the circle of people looking to improve their lives. We call this initiative Living the Loving Life.

Living the Loving Life is a work in progress. It involves the building of a worldwide movement that looks realistically at our human condition, and, in the company of others and without judgments, creates a safe place where people can learn to unconditionally love themselves, and, by doing so; develop the ability to truly love others.

We welcome you to grow with us. We hope that you find a connection here that leads you towards living a more loving and fulfilled life.