Today, there is a growing problem; we humans are living in a world of hurt.

In these tumultuous times, we require tools to help guide us towards shifting from a fear filled life to peaceful and effective living by embracing compassion and forgiveness. Michael Murphy’s work has already effectively changed the lives of thousands, giving them hope and healing. We would be pleased to expand the circle to include you, your friends and relations.

Dr. Murphy’s Love, Loss, and Forgiveness Project provides vital tools for positive personal change.

Learn to heal past pain and trauma, to love yourself, once again.

Learn the art of loving, as well as unfolding the trials and possibilities of grieving.

Learn the greatest gifts you can give one another: to express a healthy love of self and caring for each other.

The Love, Loss and Forgiveness Project provides you with the basic requirements for living a loving life.

Who will be interested in these resources?

  • Those seeking to live more loving and wakeful lives.
  • Parents and prospective parents interested in promoting inter-generational healing.
  • Teachers who wish to learn and teach in schools that foster higher level (Life, Consciousness, and Self-awareness) concerns and aspirations.
  • Health-care professionals who wish to expand the meaning of health for themselves and those they serve.
  • Businesses that wish to establish more wakeful, creative, and caring work environments.
  • Those involved with end of life concerns who seek to address issues relating to Love, Loss, and Forgiveness in themselves and those they serve.
  • Leaders in Government, Religion, and other institutions that seek to create generative organizations that assist people in living more loving and caring lives.

The work is practical, experiential and inspirational; discover and practice the art of loving, even as you delve into the trials of grieving, and learn how to let go of life’s many painful experiences. This work was created to fill the void found in our everyday lives and current educational systems were we are taught very little in a formal way about love and self-awareness, and about being fully conscious in the present, and about preserving and cherishing life. We are also given little guidance that helps us to face the losses of everyday life and to practice forgiveness that allows us to let go of burdensome stories that create suffering for ourselves and others.

With the original workshops on Love, Loss and Forgiveness that Michael Murphy has taught over the past decade, a problem emerged: there was no way to provide follow-up and reinforcement for what was learned. Participants often traveled long distances to some very beautiful places, and were usually moved and changed by the workshops, but there was very little follow-up back home, and the effects faded to a greater or lesser extent. A few groups continued to meet when the members came from close by and they found the re-connection supportive, but these groups were rare and they did not use the experiential exercises that are the catalysts for change. Many participants came to several workshops but this was expensive, and there was still no home-based support and reinforcement. Now there will be home-based support!

We invite you to explore The Love, Loss, and Forgiveness Project, the Learning to Live the Loving Life Initiative, and the accompanying Blog and Forums. This vibrant online community was created to offer support with forums and other guided learning environments. These resources will help inspire you and give you the tools that will help you lead more loving lives as you create ongoing, home-based learning opportunities that become woven into your everyday lives. From your home, you can reach out to others who are seeking to become whole, and overcome loss, and together create a supportive online community.

Become a part of this international movement for a safer and saner world.